What Should I Consider When Buying Window Hardware?

Malcolm Tatum

Window hardware is any type of mechanism or device that has to do with the function and appearance of a window. Items such as catches, locks, hinges, pivots, pulleys, and the hardware used in window treatments are all examples of window hardware. When choosing new hardware for use with the windows, there are several essentials to keep in mind as you peruse the options at your local home supply or hardware store.

New window hardware should match the existing hardware.
New window hardware should match the existing hardware.

One of your first considerations when purchasing any type of window hardware is to make sure it matches other hardware that you plan on keeping. The idea is usually to keep the hardware as uniform as possible. While this is important with any hardware that is decorative as well as functional, it is also a good idea to keep the pieces that are strictly utilitarian similar in terms of color and size. Doing so will keep the window from looking disjointed and unkempt.

When selecting window hardware, strength, durability and price should considered.
When selecting window hardware, strength, durability and price should considered.

Function is extremely important when selecting window hardware. This is especially true if the devices are intended to enhance the security of the windows in your home. You want the window locks on all your bay windows to securely hold the window sashes in place. At the same time, you want the ropes in your window pulls to allow the sashes to slide up and down with ease. If the window pull mechanism is for windows that open inward rather than up and down, make sure they make it possible to position the sash at exactly the angle you want.

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Make sure you can purchase enough of all the window hardware you need to outfit every window in the room. This is important when you are engaging in window repair such as replacing sashes or installing a new window treatment. Keeping the hardware uniform from one window to another, especially if you are doing a new window installation on a couple of windows in the room, will look more professional if everything matches.

Strength, durability, and price are also important when selecting window hardware. While it is possible to buy cheaper window locks, it is usually a good idea to spend a little more money and obtain strong locks that will bolt into place and are less likely to fail when placed under a lot of pressure. Ideally, the hardware should last for many years without the need to replace anything. If you purchase quality items rather than cheap ones, it can be decades before you ever have to replace anything else on the windows.

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