How do I Choose the Best Copywriting Jobs?

Darlene Goodman
Darlene Goodman
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Choosing the best copywriting job typically involves research and an openness to being surprised by an opportunity. These jobs may provide steady salaries, or they may involve freelance or contract work. Individuals may wish to weigh the positive and negative aspects of each type of job before making a decision about which would be best for them.

There are several places where copywriting jobs may be available. Advertising agencies are often the best place to find steady income as a staff copywriter. On the other hand, many freelance writers can build up a steady flow of work, and many make good wages as well.

It is usually important for a copywriter to do some homework about the company he or she will be working for before taking a job. This is especially true in the freelance industry, because some organizations may request work, but not pay the writer in a timely manner. Checking out a company’s website or trying to get a reference from a former employee or customer may be a good way to check out a potential employer.

It often takes time to start a freelance business. In choosing a copywriting job, a job seeker often should evaluate his or her current financial situation before deciding whether to branch out into self-employment. Some copywriters may choose to gain experience and contacts through more established positions before starting to freelance in this way.

Copywriting jobs typically exist in communications industries as well. A writer may be able to produce advertising copy for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Many of these jobs are often available through advertising firms, employment agencies, and freelance job databases. Many others may be available through word-of-mouth job referrals.

Many copywriting jobs are available at advertising agencies. These jobs are typically salaried, but may pay hourly wages too. Many firms offer entry-level positions, in which copywriters may be able to gain valuable work experience.

Some companies and organizations that have advertising departments may also hire copywriters. For example, a large food manufacturing company may have its own in-house advertising staff. Often, these types of positions give copywriters higher levels of responsibility, and may involve work as or along with the creative director for the department.

Broadcast companies, such as television studios, may also hire copywriters to work with their advertising departments. These writers often produce copy for television spots and commercials. The writer may be asked to be present during production, while the commercial is being filmed or taped, to follow the work through the creative process.

Freelance opportunities for copywriting jobs are available through a variety of sources. Word-of-mouth referrals are a common way to find good copywriting jobs. Also, many freelancers send unsolicited resumes to nearby businesses and organizations, offering their copywriting services. Most writers also provide a portfolio of their work to these companies, so the organizations can see the writer’s skill and past work.

Other freelance copywriting jobs are available online, through job databases. Many freelancers pay for the ability to search a database of freelance opportunities, to post their resume and portfolio online, and to bid on projects. The types of jobs found on these sites may range from working on an ad campaign for a large company to writing a personal resume for an individual.

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      Businessman giving a thumbs-up