How do I Choose the Best Commercial Mortgage Loans?

Malcolm Tatum

Businesses who wish to expand by building new locations or outlets are faced with the task of choosing the best commercial mortgage loans possible, if the costs for those expansions are to be kept within the limits of a budget. Like any other type of mortgage arrangement, the commercial loan must be a good fit for the debtor, or the chances of some sort of problems developing later on are greatly enhanced. Obtaining business loans of this type requires careful attention to a number of factors, including the interest rate, the terms of the loan agreement, and even the general reputation of the lender.

The terms of a commercial mortgage loan should be carefully reviewed.
The terms of a commercial mortgage loan should be carefully reviewed.

One of the primary considerations with commercial business loans in the rate of interest that different lenders are willing to extend to the business. This is often based on the financial stability of the company as well as its credit history. In addition, many lenders will look closely at the potential success connected with the purchase of the new building site. All these factors relate to determining the degree of risk the lender is assuming by approving the loan application. Assuming all relevant factors are satisfactory, the lender will extend a competitive flat or variable interest rate for the consideration of the company.

Being able to obtain a commercial mortgage loan often requires a credit history check.
Being able to obtain a commercial mortgage loan often requires a credit history check.

When evaluating the interest rates connected with commercial mortgage loans, it is important to project the movement of the economy over the life of the loan. In some cases, a variable or floating rate of interest will serve the company well. At other times, locking in a low fixed rate will be the better option, especially if there are strong reasons to suspect that the average mortgage rate will increase significantly over the years.

Keep in mind that finding the right commercial business loans also requires understanding how that interest rate is applied. Some lenders will apply the rate based on a 360-day year, while others will use a 365-day year. While this approach makes only a small impact with other types of loans, it can be very significant when it comes to commercial mortgage loans. For this reason, make it a point to project the total cost of every loan offer and determine which one will ultimately cost less in terms of interest.

Finding the right commercial mortgage loans also requires looking beyond the mortgage rates and scrutinizing the terms and conditions of the loans very carefully. The idea is to identify any additional fees or charges that will apply at the time the loans are granted, or at any time up to and including the due date for the final payment. Allow for those when calculating the total cost of each loan offer.

With so many lenders to choose from, making sure you are dealing with reputable lenders is key to choosing the best commercial mortgage loans. Investigate the background of each lender, paying special attention to how the loans are serviced, what happens when a payment is late, and how quickly payments are posted to outstanding balances. The idea is to go with a lender that offers the best rates, the lowest fees, and manages the loan with the highest degree of integrity and accuracy.

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