How do I Choose the Best Closet Rack?

Lauren Romano

A closet rack is an organizational system that gets put in place into a closet to keep it functional and neat. It allows for a person to hang up or display various items from clothing to kitchen supplies. Choosing the best closet rack can help make the most of the closet space and create a well-organized area.

The size of a closet is an important factor when choosing the closet rack.
The size of a closet is an important factor when choosing the closet rack.

When choosing a closet rack, the first matter is deciding where it is going to go. One that can work in the kitchen may not necessarily work in the bathroom due to the items that will go on it. Some of the racks may state what room they are designed for while others are judgment-based.

The size of the closet is also an important factor when choosing the closet rack. Some closets can be incredibly small while others are quite large. Before making a purchase, take accurate measurements of the closet then compare it to potential rack choices. Some closet racks are also adjustable, so the measurements can fluctuate a bit.

A closet rack may come with a scent to it, typically a cedar aroma. It is said that this scent keeps away moths and other bugs that may invade clothing, however, the same scent may not be wanted on clothing, in which case a non-scented rack is the best option. The racks that are typically cedar-scented are those that hold accessories, such as ties or belts.

What the closet rack will be used for is another factor to consider. For the bedroom, some racks hold clothing while others are specifically designed to hold smaller items such as purses and ties. For the kitchen, some are designed to hold smaller food items or pans and may not function well for holding larger food items.

When re-organizing children's closets, consider choosing a closet rack that has a theme of their favorite character or celebrity. It may help encourage them to put their items away and keep the closet more neat. If unable to find one with a favorite character on it, decoupage a plain rack by using glue and pictures from magazines.

The rack can be useful in any closet of the house as long as the correct one is chosen. The most expensive one does not necessarily mean it is the best; there are plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from. Whether choosing one for the hallway or bathroom, make sure it is one that will help create a functional closet design.

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