How Do I Choose the Best Cleaning Business Ideas?

Lainie Petersen

There can be good money in starting a housekeeping business, but if you are going to be operating in an area with a lot of competition, you can benefit from choosing some good cleaning business ideas to distinguish your business from others. Some ideas include specializing in certain types of cleaning, taking steps to assure clients that their homes and businesses will be cleaned by reliable, honest people and using ecologically safe cleaning products. Other cleaning business ideas include offering additional housekeeping and errand services or even selling a private label line of high quality household cleaners.

Crime cleanup services are often called upon to clean police cruisers.
Crime cleanup services are often called upon to clean police cruisers.

Specialized cleaning business ideas include focusing on niche markets and specific cleaning problems. For example, many cleaning services only handle routine types of cleaning and do not deal with homes or buildings that are in extreme disarray or that have not been cleaned in some time. If you are willing to hire and train cleaners who can cope with the homes of hoarders or people who have not performed even basic cleaning in months or years, you may be able to secure numerous clients who have been turned down by other cleaning services. Other options for niche cleaning include crime scene cleanup, which often requires special training and equipment to protect your employees against infection.

Most cleaning services offer vacuuming.
Most cleaning services offer vacuuming.

Some potential clients may be very concerned about the environment and may appreciate your willingness to clean their homes and offices using "green" cleaners and techniques. If you can find a range of cleaning products and devices that can clean homes using minimal chemicals, you may be able to command a higher price for your services. Other green cleaning business ideas include marketing the tools and cleaners that you use to your clients, so that they can use them between visits.

In many cases, cleaners work at businesses or in homes while their clients are not present. This is a cause of concern for many people who may not be comfortable with the notion of strangers having a key to their home or access to their belongings. When starting your cleaning business, you should look into various types of bonding services as well as liability insurance that can compensate your clients for any theft or damage caused by your employees. You may also wish to conduct thorough background screenings on your employees. By including information about your security measures in your advertising, you can attract and build confidence in your clients.

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