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How Do I Choose the Best Car Seat Organizer?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

To choose the best hanging car seat organizer, select a product that fits well with your car's design and size. If you own a very small car, it's best not to select a bulky organizer. If you're a student, choose an organizer that can flatly hold paperwork and books. Durable material is another feature to look for when shopping for a car seat organizer, especially if you have children aboard. Also, look for styles that have several pockets if you travel with many items.

Look for versatility when choosing your car seat organizer. Many styles feature a strap that attaches to car's headrest. The strap should be adjustable for a good fit. Also, look for a carrier you can carry over your shoulder with the adjustable straps. Similar to a backpack, the straps will enable it to convert from a car organizer to a portable carry bag.

Minivans can usually handle a large organizer.
Minivans can usually handle a large organizer.

Your car organizer should be able to hold everything you'll need for travel. Look for various compartments for storage. The main compartment of your car organizer should be large enough to hold books, magazines, maps, or even a small laptop computer. If you have small items that could easily fall out of an open compartment, choose an organizer that has a zippered compartment. This is handy for items such as keys, cell phones, toys, and pet treats.

When traveling with larger items, such as water bottles, flashlights or other bulky equipment, it helps to have convenient storage compartments on each side of the organizer. The side compartments of the car seat organizer typically will close with Velcro® fasteners. Zippers may be better for securing your items, although Velcro® will allow easier access.

A swing-away model is another convenient option. This design allows you to hang the organizer in your car's front passenger side when it is not occupied, then simply turn it back to the rear seat as needed. Most models with this feature will also allow you to move the organizer off to the side easily.

If you require a car seat organizer to hold your baby's essentials, there are specially designed styles for that purpose. Infant car seat organizers generally will include mesh pockets for storing baby bottles. Some are convertible and lightweight enough to also use as a travel tote.

Whatever your travel needs, keep in mind you can generally choose from various sized organizers to accommodate different sized vehicles. If you're driving a sport utility vehicle (SUV) or a mini van, you can probably choose the extra large organizer. Conversely, if you own a compact car, choose a small or medium organizer.

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    • Minivans can usually handle a large organizer.
      By: jamalludin din
      Minivans can usually handle a large organizer.