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How Do I Choose the Best Car Seat Head Support?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Most newborns do not have sufficient control of their head to make riding in a car seat comfortable, but the proper car seat accessories can help resolve the issue and make the ride more comfortable. For example, a car seat head support placed in the seat can provide cushioning on both sides of the head and help to hold the head steady. The first step to buying this kind of cushion is to ensure that the one you choose is compatible with the car seat you have, because not all cushions fit every seat. You should also pay attention to the fabric, making sure it is breathable and appealing to both you and your baby. Additionally, find out whether it is easily washable, because baby items tend to get dirty quickly.

Before buying a car seat head support, find out whether it fits properly in your baby's seat. Some cushions are too bulky for the typical car seat, while others are too small to provide much support. Consider bringing your seat into the store with you to ensure a good fit pre-purchase. Not only is an ill-fitting car seat head support not helpful, but it can also be unsafe if it gets in the way of the harness, which is another reason why it's important to ensure its fit. Another consideration is whether you just need support for the baby's head or cushioning for the whole body, because there are larger cushions that surround the entire body to help babies who are particularly small or have acid reflux.

A baby car seat should provide adequate head support for an infant.
A baby car seat should provide adequate head support for an infant.

Another detail to think about is the fabric. It should be soft yet breathable to avoid making the baby overly hot or at risk of suffocation if his or her face is pressed against the car seat cushion. You should also consider hypoallergenic material, because many babies have sensitive skin and this kind of fabric may keep them from developing a rash after touching it. While you should pay attention to both the safety and comfort of the head support in a car seat, many consumers also note the color and pattern of the material. Consider colors and themes that match the rest of your baby's belongings so the baby gear does not clash.

Finally, try to find a car seat head support that can be easily washed so it will stay in good shape for years. In general, car seat accessories that are machine washable are preferred, because you can clean them with regular laundry. Of course, some materials are not conducive to being put in the washing machine and need to be wiped down with a wet cloth instead. A quick read of the cleaning instructions before you choose a car seat head support can give you an idea of whether you'll want to deal with cleaning that cushion on a regular basis.

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    • A baby car seat should provide adequate head support for an infant.
      By: ramzi hachicho
      A baby car seat should provide adequate head support for an infant.