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How Do I Choose the Best Cane Hanging Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "cane" can be used to refer to wicker, or it may refer to thicker materials such as bamboo or similar plants, so when choosing a cane hanging chair, you will need to first decide what kind of aesthetic you are looking for. Wicker is much thinner than other types of cane such as bamboo, and it is woven more tightly. Cane can also be stained or otherwise colored, which means you will have many colors and designs to choose from. Consider the overall decor of the room or space in which you intend to place the chair before settling on the shape and color that is right for you.

A cane hanging chair may come as one of two general designs: the first design features a chair suspended from a metal frame that can be moved from location to location, and the second design features a cable, rope, or chain connected to the top of the chair that can be hung from a hook affixed to a ceiling. If you will be using the chair outdoors, the first design will be more convenient; if the cane hanging chair will be used indoors, either of the two options are viable, depending on the type of ceiling you have in a particular room. If possible, choose the second method indoors to save on space, but make sure the hook is affixed to a ceiling beam to prevent the cane hanging chair from falling when weight is placed in it.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Think carefully about the design and overall shape of the chair before purchasing. If possible, spend a fair amount of time sitting in the cane hanging chair to test it for comfort and stability. Sitting in the chair for a longer period of time will allow you to asses the comfort of the chair during normal sitting durations; cushions can settle, wicker can move, and so on, so sitting for a longer period of time will give you a better feel for the comfort of the chair.

Make sure the cane or wicker on the cane hanging chair is properly woven or otherwise secured to prevent the individual pieces of cane from loosening, splintering, or otherwise becoming damaged. Wicker should be wound very tightly whenever possible to avoid loosening of the individual strands, and larger pieces of cane should be properly secured with smaller strands at all joints. Most importantly, check the joint at which the chair is connected to whatever suspension method is used to ensure it is stable and able to handle the daily stress of weight in the chair.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book