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How Do I Choose the Best Cane Dining Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A cane dining chair is one that is made from the stalk of some types of plants. Cane is flexible and can be woven into different designs, so it is often used for furniture making. Cane is sometimes used as an interchangeable term for wicker, so before choosing the cane dining chair that is right for you, it is important to decide what kind of aesthetic you are looking for. Most chairs come in sets, so you will also need to determine how many chairs you need as well as how much money you can spend on the chair or chairs.

Some versions of the cane dining chair more closely resemble or may include bamboo. The individual pieces of the chair will be thicker than wicker, and they will create a different aesthetic and overall feel than a wicker chair will. If you prefer this look and feel, try to choose a cane dining chair that is stable and well built; be sure to sit in the chair and shift your weight in all directions. Listen for creaks or other noises, which may be indicative of a weak build. If the chair wobbles or otherwise moves too much, avoid this chair and look for a more stable model.

A cane chair is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker.
A cane chair is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker.

Wicker chairs are often woven tightly for optimum strength and aesthetic appeal. Like wood, wicker can be stained many different colors, so you will need to decide what shade or color will work best with your present decor. Think about the color of the table, as well as the walls and other furnishings within the dining room. Try to choose a cane dining chair that will fit the aesthetic, though it is okay to choose a chair that stands out among other pieces of furniture to some degree. The chair should be attractive and eye-catching, but not so much so that it negatively affects the overall aesthetic of the room.

Sometimes a cane dining chair will combine wicker or cane with other types of wood to make a strong unit that is attractive as well. This is a good choice, though such a chair may be more expensive than other models, depending on what types of woods are used. Wicker can be somewhat weak when woven in certain ways, so consider this when you are purchasing, especially if you have children who will routinely use the chair. The wicker or cane can peel or otherwise break down, leading to further damage down the road.

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    • A cane chair is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker.
      By: Andro
      A cane chair is sometimes used interchangeably with wicker.