How Do I Choose the Best Business Writing Courses?

Lainie Petersen

When selecting business writing courses, consider your need for training in business writing, the industry in which you work, and the credentials of both the course provider and instructor. You should also consider the instructional delivery method of the course as well as its affordability. As business writing is an important skill that can have a significant effect on your career, you may want to find out whether your instructor actually has a background in business. Without understanding corporate culture, it can be difficult to teach people effective communication in that arena.

It's important to learn writing basics and how to write persuasively.
It's important to learn writing basics and how to write persuasively.

Both community colleges and universities offer business writing courses, so if you are enrolled in a degree program, you may wish to choose a course offered by the school that you already attend. These courses may be offered in either the business department or the English department, so check your course catalog. If you aren't enrolled in school, you may still be able to take business writing courses through a community college without having to enroll in a degree program. Other options for taking business writing courses is to check out the offerings at vocational schools, particularly those who have administrative assistant or secretarial programs. Some communities also have adult education programs that offer non-credit or continuing education courses both in classrooms or online.

Some writing courses focus on business correspondence, such as form letters.
Some writing courses focus on business correspondence, such as form letters.

While most courses can teach you the basics of business writing skills and etiquette, you may need to learn more advanced business writing skills, such as how to write a persuasive sales or collection letter. For this reason, you should ask about the course instructor's credentials and whether he has ever worked in a business setting and is able to integrate real life experience into his teaching. You may want to look for a history of work experience outside of teaching as well as degrees in business, marketing, or public relations.

Many people find that they can benefit from business writing courses that are taught online, because the emphasis is on writing and it can be easy to get feedback from and your instructor as well as your fellow students. As with any educational program, you should always make sure that the courses you take you take are appropriately approved or accredited. If you want to apply the course to a degree program, and you are taking your business writing courses from a school other than the one in which you are currently rolled, you should verify that the credits you earn will actually transfer. In cases where you are taking the courses to satisfy continuing education requirements, verify with your employer that it will recognize the courses you complete.

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