How do I Choose the Best Business Process Design?

H. Bliss

Designing an effective new business process can increase efficiency and profits in your organization. Things to consider when you choose a business process design for your company include the way your company is organized, the budget available for a business process design, and how the members of your organization take to changes. This means designing a business process that you can afford to create, that works within your current company structure, and that the members of your organization will accept. Sometimes, choosing the best business process can involve trial-and-error that allows you to make small changes that improve the new process design.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Business process design can also be called business process redesign. During business process design, your company must take a hard look at operations in your company in order to figure out what is working and what is not working in your business process. If your company suffers consistent communication problems among departments, investment in a communication may be a part of the best business process design for your organization.

The best design for your organization's business process is one that the members of your organization can get behind. If you cannot sell a redesign to the people who work within the departments that will be affected by the process redesign, take a hard look at the process you are proposing and decide whether it will be effective. Realize that the members of your organization speak from a place of goodwill when they question the design of a new business process.

When complicated but effective process plans draw protests from organization members, it is sometimes necessary to highlight the positive aspects of a new business process plan. This can help employees understand how the change will benefit them. Implementing steps to deal with the process change during design is called change management. It is a vital part of an effective process redesign.

Above all, the best business process design is one that can be implemented successfully and effectively. Going overboard and putting a business process design over budget can end up making the redesign more costly than the process problems were in the first place. Changing too little can prove ineffective, essentially rendering the costs and time put into the redesign plan a waste. Likewise, creating changes that members of the organization cannot handle or are unwilling to implement can also create obstacles that add to the cost of a new business process.

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