How Do I Choose the Best Business Finance Books?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing business finance books, you should consider your need for the book, seek advice from businesspeople whom you respect, and read reviews and recommendations for the books that interest you. You may also want to consider the cost of the book and whether it is a good idea to pay full price for a new book or wait until it becomes available in paperback or through a used book service. A public, corporate, or academic librarian may also be able to assist you in selecting good business finance books.

Be sure to review the author's credentials in the area of business finance your are looking to learn about.
Be sure to review the author's credentials in the area of business finance your are looking to learn about.

The area of business finance is a large one, so it is a good idea to narrow down the topics that you would like to read about. There are numerous business finance books that address several areas of concern to business people, such as business management, corporate finance, and investments. By choosing a specific topic, you are more likely to find both the book and the information that you need. If you are taking a business class and have a general business textbook, check out its bibliography; it may have several good resources listed.

You might want to begin your search at a library, particularly if the library has a strong business section. A reference librarian can help you find books that address the topics that you are interested in and can show you magazines and journals that contain reviews of business finance books. He or she can also let you know if some books circulate more than others and whether patron feedback about a particular book has been positive. Some academic and public libraries regularly post information about new acquisitions on their websites, so you may want to see what books these libraries have chosen to share with their patrons.

It is always a wise idea to review a book author’s credentials as well as the reputation of its publishing house. Books published by university presses are often of high quality. Similarly, an author with strong academic and professional credentials may be more likely to produce a book with accurate information and strong advice than someone with minimal experience.

Reviews can be a valuable resource in your search for good business finance books. Many online bookstores offer customers the opportunity to leave behind reviews. While these can be helpful, some people review books with an agenda or may not have enough knowledge of a subject matter to offer a substantial review. Look for reviews by noted business experts and writers and see what they have to say about any book that you consider.

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