How Do I Choose the Best Trade Finance Books?

D. Nelson

Trade finance describes a branch of international trade in which exporters and importers use documentary collections, letters of credit, and trade credit insurance issued by banks to receive payment and reduce risk. To choose the best trade finance books, you should know what your goals are. For example, if you are thinking about pursuing a career in banking, you might want to choose trade finance books that give you a broad overview of these financial activities. If you are a professional in the energy industry, on the other hand, and you want to make informed decisions, make sure you choose books related directly to a field such as structured commodity finance.

In trade finance, exporters and importers use documentary collections, credit letters, and credit insurance to receive payment and reduce risk.
In trade finance, exporters and importers use documentary collections, credit letters, and credit insurance to receive payment and reduce risk.

It is common for finance and economics students to read trade finance books. If you are in an academic program, you should read the books required by your instructors. In some cases, instructors provide students with reading suggestions that can help them to prepare for class. If you don't have a recommended reading list, ask your instructor which texts he or she recommends. Most professors are more than happy to help students to prepare for their courses.

Individuals who are responsible for their own educations should find resources that they trust. For example, if you have a favorite economist or financial specialist whose blog you read, find out which books he or she recommends. It also is possible that your favorite financial expert writes trade finance books.

People who don't have specific financial writers whom they follow might want to read books review in popular periodicals. Financial magazines, newspapers, and websites often publish write ups about current texts. Popular trade finance books might even get excerpted in certain publications.

Professionals who want to use trade finance books to inform their own business decisions and investments should make sure that they are reading about statistics and trends that are accurate and current. Markets can change rapidly, so information often becomes quickly dated. You might benefit from getting a number of perspectives from financial authors with conflicting ideas. It also can be a good idea to speak with a financial consultant who might point you in the right direction.

Casual readers might simply want to browse bookstores or retail websites. Find out which trade finance books are popular. Also make sure that books you consider are written by established professionals whose opinions are taken seriously by other professionals. A professional who has worked for years as an international banker, for example, might have some valuable insights.

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