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How Do I Choose the Best Bun Hair Piece?

Kathleen Howard
Kathleen Howard

A bun hair piece is a type of hair piece added to a person’s natural hair to create a larger, more attractive bun or updo. To choose the best bun hair piece, look for one that matches the color, texture and thickness of your hair. The hair piece should be easy to apply and fasten seamlessly to your natural hair. Lastly, consider the quality of the hairpiece, which will impact how the hair must be cleaned and styled.

There are many different types of hair pieces that can be worn over a bun. Hair pieces come in almost every imaginable hair color, texture and style. To choose the best bun hair piece, make sure that the bun matches the color and texture of your natural hair. For example, you have very coarse hair, a straight, smooth bun will not look natural. Unless you are hoping to achieve a dramatic look, select a hair piece that is as similar to your natural hair as possible.

A bun hairpiece can be added to make a natural bun look larger.
A bun hairpiece can be added to make a natural bun look larger.

When choosing a hair piece, you will also want to pay close attention to size. The size of the bun should look natural when compared to the size of your head. Avoid hair pieces that make your bun appear unusually large. The exception to this would be if you are choosing a curly hairpiece. Since curly hair is naturally voluminous, these hair pieces are typically made to add volume and height to natural hair.

To ensure that a bun hair piece looks natural, it is also important to choose one that fits onto your natural bun. Some bun hair pieces must be clipped on, while others are secured with an elastic. In choosing the best hair piece, look for one that fits securely onto your natural hair. While wearing the bun, you should not be able to see the clips or materials fastening the hairpiece.

The last factor you should consider is the material of the hair piece. Hair pieces are available in both synthetic and natural hair. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers that typically should not be styled with heat. These hair pieces come with specific washing instructions that must be followed to maintain the quality of the hair. A major benefit of choosing synthetic hair is that these hair pieces typically regain their original shape once they dry.

Human hair pieces can be washed, dried and styled with heat just like your own hair. These hair pieces allow for more styling, which will let you seamlessly incorporate the hairpiece into your natural hair. The advantage of choosing human hair is that it tends to look and feel more natural. Still, if you would rather not worry about styling, a bun hair piece made from synthetic hair may be easier to maintain.

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    • A bun hairpiece can be added to make a natural bun look larger.
      By: Yurok Aleksandrovich
      A bun hairpiece can be added to make a natural bun look larger.