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How do I Choose the Best Brass Faucet?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best brass faucet for your home, you should give some thought to the style that would best suit your decor and preference. With its golden color, brass tends to create an elegant look in a home, yet the styles of faucets in this metal range from old-fashioned to contemporary. Although a brass faucet may seem like only a small detail in a home, it can actually add a lot of style and character, so choosing this sink fixture wisely for your bathroom or kitchen is a good idea.

You may want to first consider the tap style. Depending on your interior design, you could choose a high, dramatically curved goose neck brass faucet, or a low, flat model. If you view different brass taps online or in person in a kitchen accessory showroom, you should be able to get an accurate idea of the many different golden colored faucet taps available. Then, in your home, actually look at your kitchen or bathroom as a whole and try to picture each of the brass taps you liked the best. This exercise can help you pinpoint the brass kitchen or bathroom faucet fixtures you'll like to live with the most.

Woman posing
Woman posing

X-shaped faucet handles in antiqued brass can help create a feeling of old world elegance, while a bright brassy gold-colored vessel fixture is ideal for contemporary homes. Brass wing-shaped, or level, faucet handles are also perfect for modern decors. A brass vessel faucet allows the water to be visible in part of the tap for a modern look that is often accented with clear or frosted glass pieces. A Victorian brass faucet, on the other hand, is best for traditional or rustic-styled bathrooms and kitchens.

Double handled brass faucet styles also give rooms a more traditional look than the newer, more compact single handle designs. When deciding between a brass double or single faucet type, it's best not to consider appearance only, but also how they function. Double handles allow for better temperature and water flow adjustment. Single vessel styles are often simpler to use and allow you to view the water as it flows from the tap to help in the flow adjustment.

When choosing any type of brass fixture, look for quality metal without dents or marks. A scratch-resistant finish on a brass faucet can help protect it from damage. If at all possible, look for brass faucets that offer a warranty.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing