How Do I Choose the Best Bowl Chair?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch
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Bowl chairs are often called by other names, including Papasan chairs or satellite chairs. They are spacious chairs that are light and easy to move and adjust, making nice additions to a family room or living room. To choose the best bowl chair, you need to find one that is made of a strong wood and is well crafted, as well as easily adjustable; a well-made bowl chair will allow the seat to be moved according to your preferences.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a bowl chair is the quality of the wood, particularly if the chairs will see a lot of use. Most bowl chairs are made of rattan, which is similar to bamboo, but can come made of plastic or imitation wood, neither of which are as durable as rattan. Rattan is generally a quality, lighter wood, but the quality can vary from chair to chair, so you should always inspect the chair carefully before purchasing it. The wrapping that holds the wood together should also be durable.

The size of the bowl chair is also important, particularly if you want to purchase additional cushions or replace the ones you have. Some bowl chairs are made in obscure sizes, so even though it may look like a standard size, it might not be. Check to ensure that replacement cushions are easily available by measuring the bowl chair and checking the availability of cushions, either in stores or online. Also, ensure that the current cushions are not built into the bowl chair or can be easily detached if they are.

Due to their popularity and the fact they are inexpensive, you can find bowl chairs in a variety of stores. Many home furnishing stores and department stores offer them, as do some import shops, particularly those that import from the Philippines, which are where the bowl chairs originated. Many online stores offer bowl chairs, and because they are fairly light, shipping is often relatively inexpensive. Ensure that you work with a reputable seller if you purchase a chair online, as you can’t physically inspect the chair.

Bowl chairs also come in slightly different forms, including rocker-type chairs and chairs that resemble an oval, often referred to as a Mamasan chair. They chairs can also come with stools or matching tables, and it might be less expensive to purchase them as part of a set. Like bowl chairs, they are similarly light and are usually made out of rattan as well.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower