How Do I Choose the Best Boutique Hotel?

Tiffany Manley

Many travelers prefer to stay in a boutique hotel because of the various features, amenities, and locations offered by these establishments. Choosing a boutique hotel might seem like a daunting task given the number of hotels available and the wide variety of options. If you are interested in staying at a boutique hotel, you might begin your evaluation process by considering price, location, and amenities. To further aid you in making your decision, you might look at the level of luxury, hotel environment, and the age of the property.

Boutique hotels provide unique accommodations and stellar service.
Boutique hotels provide unique accommodations and stellar service.

Price is a major consideration for many travelers when choosing accommodations. An average night’s stay at a boutique hotel can vary greatly, so it is best to consider your budget when choosing one. If you have chosen a boutique hotel slightly over your budget, consider rearranging other aspects of your trip to allow for the added hotel expense. As with most purchases, always consider value when considering the cost of your boutique hotel stay. A hotel that offers many amenities and a great location is usually worth more than a basic one.

Business travelers often enjoy the luxury and comfort that boutique hotels offer.
Business travelers often enjoy the luxury and comfort that boutique hotels offer.

Location is another critical component when making a choice. Some properties are located in heavily populated downtown city areas, while others are located in the country. Both types have pros and cons dependent upon where you would like to stay. Look for properties located in the types of areas you would like to stay.

Hotel amenities are important considerations when choosing any hotel, but they are especially important when choosing a boutique hotel. Often, this type of hotel is smaller and more intimate than other hotels, which means you should choose one that offers the types of amenities you are interested in. If you desire a quiet respite from your children, for example, you might not wish to stay at a family-friendly hotel.

Luxury and hotel environment are two more aspects to consider when choosing your hotel stay. Typically these factors will affect price as well, but by choosing the right level of luxury and an appropriate environment for your stay, you stand to enjoy your trip much more. It might take a bit more effort to choose a hotel that fits the level of luxury and type of environment you are looking for, but you will likely feel the extra effort was worth it after you have enjoyed your stay.

You may also wish to consider the age of the property when choosing a hotel. If you enjoy staying in newer facilities, check websites, travel brochures, and recommendations of friends to determine whether the property is suitable. Sometimes properties might not be new, but have been remodeled and appear very fresh and modern afterward.

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