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How Do I Choose the Best Beef Tenderloin Sauce?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Many people believe that a great cut of beef tenderloin does not need sauce to improve it, as the rich flavor melts in your mouth without the need for enhancement. There are many different types of beef tenderloin sauce available that you might find appealing, even if you don’t typically think a good steak needs sauce. Some are quite mild and simply complement the meat rather than covering it up. You can purchase beef tenderloin sauce or make your own.

While a number of the common bottled steak sauces may seem more appropriate for an average steak, there are unique and delicious offerings in beef tenderloin sauce that might surprise you. Choosing the best beef tenderloin sauce for you will obviously depend on your taste. If you prefer lighter sauces, wine can be a good option. If you prefer thicker, richer, blends, you may wish to test out some different products or recipes.


If you choose to make sauce, it also depends on your cooking abilities. Some types of beef tenderloin sauce can be very simple while others can be a tad complex. A hint of Worcestershire can enhance the flavor of most red meats. Worcestershire can be found in a number of steak sauces, marinades, and recipes for homemade sauces.

Horseradish is also excellent with red meat, especially with a good steak. A dollop of prepared horseradish works nicely as does a creamy sauce made from this zippy ingredient. Add two parts sour cream to one part horseradish along with a few drops of Worcestershire and you have a simple, delicious beef tenderloin sauce.

While many sauces go nicely with numerous different types of meat, you may be able to find one — or several — that also makes a great beef tenderloin sauce. Mushroom sauce, Béarnaise, peppercorn, and several different types of wine sauces, can help take an already great cut of beef to the next level.

When choosing a sauce, look for ingredients that help make meat tender and keep it from drying out, especially if you also plan to use the sauce as a marinade. Fruit juices and other acidic items can help make meat more tender. A little bit of oil is generally good for sealing in juices, as are dairy products such as buttermilk. Look for sauces that contain these ingredients for melt-in-your-mouth beef tenderloin. If you intend to use a mixture both as a marinade and as a sauce, be sure to reserve an extra portion that hasn’t touched uncooked meat to use as sauce.

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