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How do I Choose the Best Bedwetting Remedy?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

Choose a bedwetting remedy that will stop involuntary urination without causing shame, anxiety or physical harm to an individual afflicted with nocturnal enuresis. Begin by exploring all of the possible bedwetting causes and attempt to address the issue from this starting point. Next, explore home treatments, as well as prescription medications to find the bedwetting remedy that will work best for an individual suffering from this condition.

Nocturnal enuresis or nighttime bedwetting is common in children, as well as aging adults or individuals with an underlying illness. As frustrating as this condition can be, solutions do exist. With time and patience, a bedwetting remedy can be found, but a diligent search will need to be made for all of the possible causes and solutions first.

A child sleeping.
A child sleeping.

If the exact cause for involuntary urination is not immediately known, a doctor or therapist may be able to help. Often, this condition is caused by stress and anxiety, as well as various sleep disorders. In children, it is sometimes caused by drinking liquids too close to bedtime, not using the bathroom before bed, or it may be caused by an immature bladder. Deep sleeping patterns or children who have not yet acquired proper bladder control may also cause this condition. Emotionally, recent life-changing events or other psychological causes may contribute to nighttime bedwetting.

Bearberry is a natural remedy for bedwetting.
Bearberry is a natural remedy for bedwetting.

In children and adults, bedwetting is rarely due to physical causes, but they do exist. Nocturnal enuresis may be caused by a urinary tract infection, a malformation in the urinary tract, diabetes or lesions on the spinal cord. Aging adults, particularly those suffering from dementia or another neurological disorder, may also suffer from nocturnal enuresis. Understanding causes such as these are the first step to finding a bedwetting remedy. In any of these cases, the best bedwetting remedy is to effectively eliminate the cause and bedwetting will likely cease soon thereafter.

Bedwetting remedies that address the root cause of the problem may include psychotherapy, creating a routine of stopping beverages at a certain time each night and creating a pattern of using the bathroom at the same time every night before bed. Also, keeping a set sleeping schedule, even on weekends, may help in training the individual, and the bladder, in holding urine for set periods of time. Training an individual with an alarm that sounds when moisture is felt may also help.

In some circumstances, herbal treatments or medications commonly prescribed for nocturnal enuresis may be the best bedwetting remedy. A few home remedies used in alternative medicine include corn silk, horsetail and bearberry. Desmopressin may also be prescribed by a doctor for temporary relief.

Punishing or shaming an individual should never be considered as a bedwetting remedy. Neither should ignoring the issue and hoping that it goes away without treatment. Bedwetting and the causes for this condition should be addressed calmly and rationally at the same time that a bedwetting remedy is being sought.

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    • A child sleeping.
      By: Leonid Ikan
      A child sleeping.
    • Bearberry is a natural remedy for bedwetting.
      By: Vibe Images
      Bearberry is a natural remedy for bedwetting.