How Do I Choose the Best Beauty Apprenticeships?

Angela Farrer

You can choose the best beauty apprenticeships by deciding which specific area of the cosmetology industry you would like to make into your career, researching any requirements for a license or certificate in this area, and interviewing local professionals who offer apprenticeships. A beauty apprentice typically learns the trade in an job setting rather than solely in a cosmetology school. Many salons, day spas, or makeup studios partner with local vocational colleges to offer beauty apprenticeships. The best apprenticeship is generally one that will help you meet your individual goals and that will fit well with your other existing obligations.

To become a makeup apprentice may be less stringent than other kinds of beauty apprenticeships.
To become a makeup apprentice may be less stringent than other kinds of beauty apprenticeships.

The requirements for hair apprentices often differ from those in other areas, such as skin care or makeup. Many stylist-sponsored apprenticeships will only accept new apprentices who have successfully earned a cosmetology license as state or regional laws dictate. This requirement can vary, so your local cosmetology governing board is generally the best place to find out this information. These types of apprenticeships build on the basic knowledge that you gained from a beauty school program and also teach other skills, such as salon marketing and how to build a clientele. Some regions do not have this cosmetology license requirement and allow a hair apprentice to learn the trade from the beginning in a salon setting.

Prerequisites for becoming a makeup apprentice are sometimes less stringent than other kinds of beauty apprenticeships. Some regions do not require an official license to be a makeup artist, although many experienced artists still recommend that you attend a cosmetology school to gain the basic fundamentals in the overall beauty industry. These options for beauty apprenticeships often allow you to begin work as an apprentice at the same time you enroll in beauty school. Many makeup apprentices assist and learn from their mentors during the day and attend classes in the evenings.

Once you have decided on pursuing an apprenticeship in the area of the beauty industry that interests you, the next step is to seek out a mentor who regularly teaches and supervises beauty apprenticeships. Common questions to ask concern the length of the apprenticeship, the material you will learn, and whether the apprenticeship is paid or unpaid. A beauty apprenticeship typically lasts for one to two years, and some apprentice programs pay wages, while others do not. This may factor into your selection of an apprenticeship if you will need to balance an unpaid one with additional paid employment.

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