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How do I Choose the Best Beach Lounge Chair?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

In choosing the best beach lounge chair, determine a few simple things beforehand. One thing to consider is where you will place your new beach lounge chair. Although the name suggests use at the beach, many people prefer to use a beach lounge chair on the patio deck. If so, you can choose a heavy piece of furniture or one that is more bulky. If you plan on traveling with your beach lounge chair, choose one that is easily portable.

For a beach lounge chair that you can transport to the beach or pool, opt for something that is not too weighty, but still is comfortable and durable. Look for sturdy and reinforced materials. The seating should have a cushion and also resist fading in the sun. The seating may be made of nylon, but try to avoid cotton, as this may not be durable or hold up to the hot sun. Waterproof material is best, especially if used on the beach or by the pool.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Your beach lounge chair should fold easily for portability and for storage. If the chair is intended for seasonal use, you'll need it to be compact for storage. If you use the chair on your backyard deck, however, this is obviously not a concern. Also, if you suspect the chair will get wet, choose steel or aluminum tubing for the frame. Something rust proof will keep a neat and attractive appearance.

Resin or plastic may be an option for a beach lounge chair used for a child, as it will generally hold up to rough use. Keep in mind, however, that stains may be difficult to erase from this type of material. Also, many resin or plastic beach lounge chairs do not fold and tend to be a bit bulky.

You also have the option of selecting a chaise lounge type of beach chair. Some of these recline in multiple positions. These chairs can stretch out and are especially useful for sunbathing. The main drawback to a reclining lounge beach chair is that it can be difficult to transport, as it is heavy and large, even when folded.

If you're using a lounge chair for your patio rather than at the beach, consider something more durable, such as one made of wood. These lounge chairs may be reclining or upright. You may also use thick chair pads for extra comfort. The main benefit of a wood lounge chair is that it is constructed to be sturdy and support a great amount of weight. If you choose wood, however, consider a chair made to resist cracking, peeling, and bad weather.

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Don't buy plastic beach lounge chairs! I hope that goes without saying, but my friend's mother bought some plastic lounge chairs from the local discount store when we were kids. They were cheap chairs, but they lasted forever, and, as you can imagine, they were very uncomfortable--sticky and hot.

Nothing says summer quite like sitting on a plastic lounge chair that has been simmering in the midday sun. The chairs were very hot! I don't know what happened to those chairs. They are probably still around somewhere.


For me, the biggest issue when I buy beach lounge chairs is how much do they cost. For my family, spending money on expensive chairs would be a waste. It never fails, we lose two or three lounge chairs each season. Someone leaves one on the beach or at the pool, or one somehow disappears from the back of the car during the trip from the beach to home.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing