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How do I Choose the Best Beach Chair with an Umbrella?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A beach chair with an umbrella can provide you with both comfort and shade. Take both into consideration when you are shopping for one. Sit in the chair and see if it is not only comfortable but also easy to get in and out of. You should also make sure it does not collapse easily. Unfold the umbrella to see how much shade it provides.

Some beach chair models sit very low to the ground, while others are taller. The type you prefer may depend on whether or not you want to nap, read, or simply relax in the chair. Some chairs might have a lever on the side so you can recline if you choose to. Sit down in a number of different chairs and adjust them to different positions if possible. That way you can see which ones are most comfortable for you.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Check to see how the beach chair with an umbrella is constructed. If you plan to carry this piece from place to place, it can be difficult to do so unless the umbrella and chair are separate pieces. Make sure the umbrella fits securely into a slot on the back of the chair and that both pieces are easy to fold and unfold.

Choose an umbrella that is wide enough to completely cover your head and shoulders while you are lounging. Try to sit in a sunny spot while having the umbrella fully extended to see if it provides ample shade. Walk around the beach chair with an umbrella to look for shadows, as this can tell you how much coverage it provides in front and back.

Select a beach chair with an umbrella that does not get too hot when placed in the sun. Canvas or wood are good choices because these materials do not usually retain an excessive amount of heat. Avoid black chairs and those made of any type of metal, as these models might get too hot to sit down in. Those with reflective coverings could also attract a great deal of sunlight, making them unbearable to use in direct sunlight.

You can usually buy a beach chair with an umbrella at a home improvement store, outdoor recreation outlet, or swimming pool retailer. These chairs come in many different price ranges, styles, and colors. This means it should be easy to find a portable beach chair to suit your individual taste and budget.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip