How Do I Choose the Best Bamboo Rice?

Kristeen Moore

Bamboo rice is a type of short-grained white version that is most commonly used in the preparation of sushi. Quality versions of this type of rice are made with bamboo extracts to make the food sticky when prepared. Also, the rice should have a tint of green in the grains which deepen as you boil them. Bamboo rice is not as widely available in some supermarket chains, so you might have to look for it in specialty stores. Organic versions are not as common in stores, but you might choose this type of rice if you are looking for a chemical-free food.


Different types of rice come in a variety of lengths based on how they are processed and for what meals they are intended. True bamboo rice is always short-grained because it is used for more delicate foods like sushi and other specialty dishes. When you compare packages of this food, the ingredients should simply be white rice and bamboo juice. Although there might be additional features in some cases, real bamboo rice should contain these two ingredients at the bare minimum.

Bamboo rice is commonly used in the preparation of sushi.
Bamboo rice is commonly used in the preparation of sushi.

This particular type of rice is pale green in color because of the added bamboo juice. If you come across a package of bamboo rice that is not this color, then it is likely not made with quality juices. The color of the grains tends to deepen when you cook them and the bamboo juice used will also make the rice sticky. You might consider getting a different kind of rice if these features are not found in the cooked product.

Due to the fact that bamboo rice is primarily used in specialty dishes, it might not be as common in commercial supermarket chains in certain regions. This kind of rice is widely available in Asian food stores, and it is sometimes labeled as “green” or “sushi” rice. Bamboo rice is generally more expensive than conventional white and brown versions because of the extra juice ingredients the food contains. If you plan on cooking the rice often, consider purchasing it in bulk in order to save money.

Organic bamboo rice is the choice of chefs who cook with foods that are free of all chemicals and synthetic materials. Like other types of organic rice, true bamboo versions are harvested without herbicides and the grains are never sprayed with pesticides. In order to determine the products authenticity, the package should clearly state that the rice is organic. Although this type of food might be healthier, the downside to organic rice is that it is generally not as common in stores, and it can sometimes cost more.

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