How Do I Choose the Best Baby Hair Clippers?

A. Rohlandt
A. Rohlandt
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Rounded blades and guides with rounded edges are the first thing you should look for when purchasing baby hair clippers. Some clippers also have adjustable guides so that you can cut the hair to different lengths. Good baby hair clippers should not be noisy and should be lightweight and easy to maneuver. It's best to opt for clippers that can be used both without the cord or while plugged in. Some clippers include accessories that make it easier to trim the edges of the hair, so check to see what's included with the clippers before you decide.

Safety should be your first consideration when deciding which clippers to purchase. The best baby hair clippers are those that have rounded, nick-proof blades as these blades won't scratch or irritate the baby's sensitive skin. Some clippers also have plastic guides with specially rounded tips, so that the guides can slide against the skin without marking it.

You should look for baby hair clippers that have either an adjustable guide or a variety of guides, which give you the option of cutting the hair to different lengths by changing or adjusting the guides. Most hair clippers for babies have guides that range between 0.1 inches (about 3 mm) to 0.5 inches (about 15 mm), but this may vary depending on the model you choose. Clippers with flexible plastic guides may also make it easier to follow the contours of the baby's head and to cut all the hair an even length.

Baby hair clippers should be relatively silent, so look for clippers with the lowest noise levels possible. Loud noises can upset babies, and it may be difficult to cut the baby's hair if the clippers scare him or her. It's also best to look for clippers that have low vibration levels, because the vibrating sensation can also scare or upset the baby.

Most baby hair clippers are designed with mothers in mind, so you'll find that most models are lightweight and easy to use. The lighter the clippers, the easier it is to move them around. Smaller clippers may also easier to use, so look for clippers that fit your hand comfortably and that have an on/off switch within easy reach of your thumb.

Some baby hair clippers can be used cordlessly, and this may be helpful if you want to be able to move around freely while cutting your baby's hair. It not only makes it easier to maneuver the clippers but also makes it possible to take the clippers with you if you're going on a short trip. Clippers that can be used while charging could be a handy option if you don't always have the time to fully charge the clippers before use.

Hair clippers for babies sometimes come with accessories, so always check to see what's included with the clippers. Some come only with tools for cleaning and maintaining the clippers, but others include combs and scissors to tidy up the edges of the hair. Some clippers also include plastic capes to help keep hair off your baby as you cut and a special book or toy to distract the baby.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book