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How Do I Choose the Best ATV Wheel Kit?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

You can choose the best all-terrain vehicle (ATV) wheel kit for you individual requirements by following several buying tips. You will need to evaluate the type of use that you want your new ATV wheel kit to be able to handle. You also will want to decide on what type of ATV wheel kit you are looking for, such as cast aluminum, steel or billet aluminum. Other factors that you will need to know prior to making a final decision on wheels include the type of ATV you are equipping with the new wheels, the price point you have set for your new wheels and the type of terrain you will ride on the most.

As with virtually any type of vehicle, you can modify the appearance by replacing the stock tires and wheels with a custom set of rolling stock. The typical buyer commonly chooses to install taller and more aggressive tires on a custom ATV wheel kit in either cast or billet aluminum. By examining several factors, you will typically be able to decide on the best tires and wheels for your ATV while adhering to a budget. You will need to identify the most common type of riding that you will undertake while on your ATV, such as paved roads, off-road surfaces, or wet and muddy trails.

ATV owners often install more aggressive tires using a custom wheel kit.
ATV owners often install more aggressive tires using a custom wheel kit.

While there are tire tread choices that allow you to operate your ATV on nearly any type of soil or surface, you will typically be able to identify the top choice for your ATV wheel kit by choosing the tire that offers the best performance based on your individual riding habits. The all-terrain versions commonly give up a bit of performance on all surfaces in order to offer some level of success on nearly every surface. If your riding habits involve large jumps on rocky or uneven ground, you may find that the steel or billet aluminum wheels offer improved strength as compared to cast aluminum versions.

The large and tall lugs used in the construction of wet or muddy condition tires may prove less than desirable for dry road riding. You may find that the best ATV wheel kit for your needs will incorporate a medium height tire lug. A very mild tread style might prove best if you usually ride on a paved road or hard packed surface. You must also be sure of the type of ATV that you have since the 4x4 type will require an ATV wheel kit with equal diameter tires and wheels on both the front and back. If your ATV wheel kit is destined for a two-wheel drive ATV, you can use different diameter tires and wheels on each end of the vehicle.

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    • ATV owners often install more aggressive tires using a custom wheel kit.
      By: stoffies
      ATV owners often install more aggressive tires using a custom wheel kit.