How Do I Choose the Best ATV Rental?

Dan Cavallari

Renting an ATV is a great way to have fun in the wilderness without investing a significant amount of money into the purchase of your own all-terrain vehicle. When choosing an ATV rental, it helps to do a bit of research ahead of time into what type of ATV you will need and what type of terrain you will be riding over. The best ATV rental will be appropriate for your riding ability, the terrain, and the price you want to pay. Always be sure to read any rental contracts carefully, and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before committing to the rental.

A UTV, or utility task vehicle, looks like a golf cart, but is more rugged and can carry heavier loads.
A UTV, or utility task vehicle, looks like a golf cart, but is more rugged and can carry heavier loads.

Several types of ATVs exist, and you will need to choose the one that is right for you if you want to get the best ATV rental. A utility ATV will not be appropriate for use on a race course, for example, and a racer may not be the best choice for an all-day excursion through the woods, especially if you intend to haul equipment such as coolers or hunting gear. An ATV rental intended for work use will need to be more utilitarian, in which case a UTV, or utility task vehicle, may be the most appropriate choice. Research the different offerings that will suit your needs before signing any rental agreement.

Look for a rental company that stocks recent model year ATVs that are in good condition. Research the rental rates as well to find out how much you will pay for any potential ATV rental. While a less expensive rental price is good, remember that the rental agreement may have stipulations that will end up costing you money in the long run. The agreement may, for example, make you responsible for the ATV should it get damaged during the rental period. The agreement may also stipulate that you need to fill the gas tank before returning it to avoid being charged a higher fee.

Find out if the rental company rents out trailers to haul the ATVs as well. This will be important for transporting the ATVs to trail heads, as ATVs are not street legal in many regions of the world. This may cost you additional money, but it will be a necessary item. If you will be renting several ATVs, find out if the rental company offers a delivery and pickup service so you can avoid having to transport all the vehicles yourself.

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