How do I Choose the Best Antique Brass Ceiling Fan?

Misty Amber Brighton

If you are looking for an antique brass ceiling fan, try to find one that has very little rust. Check the blades of various models to make sure they are not cracked, warped, or broken. Turn the fan on to see if it operates smoothly. Ask the seller a little bit about the history of it and where it has been stored, in order to determine how well the fan might have been cared for.

Frayed wires on lighting fixtures will be a fire hazard that must be tended to.
Frayed wires on lighting fixtures will be a fire hazard that must be tended to.

Check the brass parts carefully for rust. Discard any that have holes in them or an excessive amount of corrosion. Try to choose an antique brass ceiling fan that is rust-free, or that has only a tiny bit that might be easily removed with sandpaper or steel wool.

After narrowing down your choice in this way, check the blades of the antique fan that you are considering buying. Make sure it is flat on both top and bottom, rather than warped in any way. Inspect the fan carefully for cracks or broken edges. Keep in mind that replacement parts for such models might not be readily available.

If possible, turn on the fan to see how well it works. Pay special attention to one that seems very noisy or wobbles from side to side when operating. Pull the chain to see if it stops smoothly, or if it seems to grind to a halt.

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Check the light fixtures on each antique brass ceiling fan. See if the globes are broken or missing. Inspect the equipment for dangling or frayed wires, as these could pose a fire hazard.

You might want to ask the salesperson a little bit about the fan. Try to find out where she acquired a particular antique brass ceiling fan. It could also be helpful to know if the fixture has been in service recently. If not, you should inquire as to where it was stored. Avoid choosing an item that has been located in a damp area, since it might have moisture damage to the controls.

An antique brass ceiling fan can be a wise investment. This fixture could also add beauty and charm to nearly any room of your home. If you are in the market for one of these items, take the time to inspect it carefully before making a purchase. This could save you unnecessary heartache, frustration, and ensure you will be happy with your choice later.

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