How do I Choose the Best Anti-Aging Doctors?

Laura M. Sands

Experienced anti-aging doctors can advise you in how to slow the aging process, but not all doctors are experienced in this genre of medicine, so you must be careful about which doctor you choose. To find a good doctor, ask your primary care physician first. She or he may be able to refer you to someone who specializes in biomedical gerontology and has a good reputation. Also, if you know anyone who has ever visited anti-aging doctors, be sure to ask for a referral, as well as tips on what to look for in a doctor specializing in this field.

A primary care physician often can refer patients to anti-aging doctors.
A primary care physician often can refer patients to anti-aging doctors.

Anti-aging doctors specialize in things like tissue rejuvenation, nutrition, age-associated disease, exercise and cellular therapy. Your primary care physician is likely to be able to advise you on some of these things, but anti-aging doctors have built their careers on studying slow aging process and reverse aging process techniques. Many have even earned additional degrees in biomedical gerontology, also known as life extension.

A anti-aging doctor specializes in nutrition and age-associated disease.
A anti-aging doctor specializes in nutrition and age-associated disease.

As you begin to consider anti-aging doctors, ask prospects about their experience, board certifications and any other unique qualifications each may possess. Do not hesitate to also ask if there are previous patients who may be willing to vouch for the level of care provided and results received. If you have access to others in the medical community, ask about the reputations of the anti-aging doctors you are most strongly considering. You may also check with governing authorities to be sure that each doctor’s license is current and that she or he does not have any legitimate complaints or investigations pending against them.

If you have specific concerns, ask prospective anti-aging doctors about these before agreeing to see one of them regularly. For instance, if you are specifically interested in repairing oxidative stress, ask a doctor during your initial consultation for advice in this area. Ask what types of therapies she or he usually prescribes to help in this effort, as well as what is covered by your insurance or health care plan and what is not.

Singling out anti-aging doctors with the best credentials and the most experience will help you in narrowing your choices. Doctor reputation and your level of comfort in speaking with the doctor should also be factored into your final decision. Ultimately, select the doctor you believe to be the most qualified to meet your specific medical needs and that you can comfortably afford to hire for your long-term care.

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