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How do I Choose the Best Anorexia Treatment Center?

Anna T.
Anna T.

If you are trying to choose the best anorexia treatment center, either for yourself or someone you care about, you should first try to do some research into the centers you are considering. Try to get in touch with people who have used the various centers you're interested in to find out about their experiences. In addition to getting these first-hand accounts, you might also want to research things like the ratio of staff to patients at the center as well as the different types of anorexia treatment offered. You will also need to consider whether you should choose either a residential or day anorexia treatment center.

Recommendations from other people may help you tremendously in your search for the best anorexia treatment center. It would be particularly helpful to get recommendations from people you know personally and trust, because you would likely feel more confident that you were getting accurate information. If you don't know anyone personally who has ever used an anorexia treatment center, you could search the Internet for reviews of different centers to find out about the experiences other people had. You might also consider getting in touch with your doctor to see if she can recommend a good anorexia treatment center.

Parental divorce can cause some teenage girls to become anorexic.
Parental divorce can cause some teenage girls to become anorexic.

Another factor that may impact your decision when choosing a treatment center is the ratio of patients to staff members. A center that has a small number of staff and a large number of patients may not be able to provide adequate care. You should look for a center that has enough or more than enough staff to tend to all registered patients so there will be little danger of needs not being met. Anorexia treatment centers are typically either residential or day centers. If anorexia is incredibly severe, a residential center with 24-hour care may be best, whereas day centers might be more appropriate for people with mild anorexia.

When you are looking into anorexia treatment centers, you should additionally try to get a good understanding of what will be involved in treatment during the stay. Some centers offer both individual and group therapy for their patients, as well regular sessions with dietitians to help with adopting healthy eating habits and regaining lost weight. You will also need to be sure that the center will have qualified doctors on hand to help with treating the severe health problems that often go along with anorexia and malnourishment.

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    • Parental divorce can cause some teenage girls to become anorexic.
      By: EJ White
      Parental divorce can cause some teenage girls to become anorexic.