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How do I Choose the Best Alternative Energy Companies?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

In order to choose the most helpful alternative energy companies for your needs, you must first define what those needs are. Renewable energy refers to an energy source that is sustainable and natural. These sources can include solar, wind and hydro (water) generated electricity. Although some of these options are not always available or feasible for individual use, you can certainly find a helpful company to go over the options available in your area.

Most locations now have alternative energy companies that install solar panels. These are small tinted glass squares with wires underneath that capture and implement the sun’s energy. They can be used to supplement or replace your home’s current energy source. If this is an option in your area, use your local phone directory to find and contact a company who installs them and ask any questions you may have regarding their use.

A closeup of a solar panel.
A closeup of a solar panel.

Hydroelectric power can also be used by alternative energy companies, although they are not as widely available as solar power. Hydroelectric energy refers to electricity that is manufactured as a result of rushing water being forced through a generator. This is a very clean and efficient energy source, but it requires a large body of water and generally a full scale power plant.

Wind power is one form of alternative energy.
Wind power is one form of alternative energy.

Wind energy can be obtained on a small scale, and turbines can be purchased for private home use. The problem with this option is that wind is very unpredictable and is not continuous, so wind energy is generally only appropriate as a supplemental energy source. To find a retailer or installer of wind turbines, check the Internet for listings.

Aside from local availability, you should consider a few other things when contacting alternative energy companies. For most people, cost is a big factor in having a renewable energy source installed. Speak with any company you are considering about set-up and installation costs, as well as potential long term savings on your energy bill. You may also discuss the possibility of payment options to make things more affordable.

When speaking with any alternative energy companies, pay attention to how knowledgeable the person seems, how easily he answers your questions and concerns, and how accommodating he is on pricing issues and affordability. It is important to go with someone you trust, so ask for references and don’t be afraid to call them. This will ensure that you get the best service when switching to a renewable energy source.

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    • A closeup of a solar panel.
      By: Sergiogen
      A closeup of a solar panel.
    • Wind power is one form of alternative energy.
      By: Gbuglok
      Wind power is one form of alternative energy.