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How do I Choose the Best Administrative Assistant School?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are four items to consider when choosing the best administrative assistant school: hands-on training, equipment, admissions requirements, and faculty. Administrative assistant school is usually part of a larger community or career college. The best administrative assistant schools offer specialized programs, in addition to the standard curriculum. Look for schools that have programs in office management, advanced administrative assistant, or executive assistant.

Selecting the best school should be based on your own goals, achievements, and skill levels. An honest review of your high school marks, level of effort, and dedication is a strong indicator to help you decide which school is best for you. Select a school where you will be both challenged and successful. Look for a school that has focused on administrative training programs, as they will have the experience and resources required to provide relevant training, as this sector is constantly changing.

An administrative assistant working.
An administrative assistant working.

Hands-on training is very important when trying to become an administrative assistant. This job is very task-oriented, with the need to immediately use the skills learned in school. Make sure that the courses are designed to maximize student participation and stay away from lecture-based classes.

The best administrative assistant school should have a wide range of equipment available for student use. This includes computer equipment in every class, the latest word processing programs, as well as dictation and account management programs. Check the average class size to ensure you will have ample opportunity to use this equipment.

An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.
An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.

In order to qualify for admission to administrative assistant school, you must have graduated from high school. The best schools are usually located in a large city and have internship or job placement programs. Look for schools that have a career center, with resources available after graduation to help you find a job.

If you are looking at the best administrative assistant school in the country or state, think about what challenges you face. The best school would have the resources and flexibility to help you overcome these challenges. For example, the school might have a day care on site to help with child care arrangements or provide discounted public transit passes.

Most administrative assistant schools provide the biographies of their faculty or instructors on their website. The information listed typically includes the academic credentials, work experience, special training, and any awards they have received. Read this information to learn more about the work experience of your instructors.

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    • An administrative assistant working.
      By: iMate
      An administrative assistant working.
    • An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.
      By: Tyler Olson
      An administrative assistant going over her supervisor's schedule.