How do I Choose the Best Acne Gel?

Diane Goettel

Choosing the best acne gel means choosing a product that helps to heal blemishes and reduce the development of new pimples without drying out the skin or causing an adverse reaction. As everyone has slightly different skin, there is no one acne gel that will work perfectly for every person. Finding the best acne gel usually means doing a little bit of research and then following up with some product testing at home. The first step to take, before even beginning to research to available products on the market, is to identify one's skin type. Once the skin has been identified as sensitive, dry, oily, or combination, it is much easier to narrow down the available products and find the best acne gel.

A boy with acne.
A boy with acne.

Search for an acne gel that suits one's skin type. There are some gels that are gentler than others, which means that they are well suited to people with sensitive skin. There are others that help to combat oily skin and others still that help to treat acne on dry skin. Within each of these categories, there are a few available products. When possible, it is best to procure a tester-sized bottle of the acne gel.

Acne gel.
Acne gel.

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Many skin care companies provide testers, especially for those who are willing to visit a store dedicated to the skin care line or a department store kiosk where the skin care line is sold. Use the product for one to two weeks and note whether there is a resulting difference in the complexion. If the acne gel does not seem to be making much of a difference or if it seems to be causing more complexion problems, discontinue use and move on to another product.

Sometimes acne gel can take a few weeks to begin to work. Real results might not be apparent for a month or more. This means that small improvements noted in just one week of using the product might be a very good sign. Don't give up on a product if it doesn't dramatically change the appearance of the skin in just a few days. Slow and steady progress is a very good sign when it comes to skin care. Finally, be sure not to switch between products too frequently as this can cause the skin to become imbalanced and may create more problems than it solves.

It's a good idea to test out an acne gel at home to see how it works.
It's a good idea to test out an acne gel at home to see how it works.

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