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How Do I Become an Industrial Supervisor?

Terrie Brockmann
Terrie Brockmann

There are several ways to become an industrial supervisor. Often companies promote workers to the position of supervisor, but some companies prefer to hire trained supervisors. Many technical colleges offer certifications or degrees in supervision, such as an associate's degree in supervisory management. If you want to take courses to become a supervisor or team leader, you should check with your human resource department to learn of any tuition program at your company.

Although many companies promote people from within their workforce and do not emphasize formal training, this practice is in decline as team management evolves. With the introduction of new business practices, such as lean manufacturing, and new government regulations in many industrialized countries, companies are more inclined to hire trained supervisors. If you aspire to become an industrial supervisor in your company, it may be worthwhile to contact your manager or human resource department to learn your company's policy in hiring supervisors.

Industrial supervisors often are promoted from within a company.
Industrial supervisors often are promoted from within a company.

Generally, industrial companies use the terms "supervisor" and "lead" when describing a person who oversees and directs a department. When hunting for an industrial supervision position, you should search for jobs using different keywords that indicate the type of supervisory position you are seeking. Companies usually hire people who have experience in their type of manufacturing or industry.

Many technical colleges or schools offer certificates for supervisory management or full degrees, such as an associate's degree. Frequently, these schools offer classes at night so that people who work daytime jobs can attend classes after work. Some companies offer time at work for a person to study or allow a person to leave work to attend classes. Not all companies have a policy that allows this type of accommodation, but you should inquire as to what your company allows.

Most manufacturing companies have adopted modern techniques, such as kaizen and lean manufacturing, and they seek supervisors who understand and can implement these techniques. Modern manufacturing is constantly evolving to improve profits through efficient processes and reduced waste. To become an industrial supervisor, you may need to prove your proficiency with the techniques the company uses. Often you can take company-sponsored training or off-site workshops to learn more about these methods.

You may want to become an industrial supervisor with your present employer or seek a job with a different company. When writing your resume, you should highlight any supervisory experience you have had. Companies generally give preference to applicants who have supervisory experience. Sometimes it is helpful to list non-employment supervisory experience, such as youth group leadership or club presidencies. Holding a leadership position in an organization, such as a civic organization or association, may demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are qualified to become an industrial supervisor.

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    • Industrial supervisors often are promoted from within a company.
      By: uwimages
      Industrial supervisors often are promoted from within a company.