How Do I Become an Electrical Engineering Technician?

YaShekia King

An electrical engineering technician is a professional who helps to create, test, and produce electrical equipment. Examples of this type of equipment include computers and devices used to monitor medical conditions. Electrical engineering technicians need to be creative and have solid communication and interpersonal skills. These professionals must complete at least two years of post-secondary education, participate in both classroom and lab training, and get practical experience in the field to be successful.

Electrical engineering technicians will need hands-on experience with oscilloscopes and other tools.
Electrical engineering technicians will need hands-on experience with oscilloscopes and other tools.

A person who wants to become an electrical engineering technician needs to complete at least an associate degree in electrical engineering technology. To get into this type of college degree program, you must submit your high school diploma or the equivalent certification. In addition, colleges ask you to provide a copy of your high school transcript and your scores on standardized tests. Schools prefer students who have taken advanced math and science classes in high school. You also have to fill out an enrollment application as part of the admissions process.

While in a training program to enter the electrical engineering field, you must take introductory courses that teach you industry basics. Classes will cover direct current circuitry, power, and voltage, as your work as an electrical engineering technician uses these concepts constantly. Digital electronics and microprocessor classes especially are valuable for someone who wants to become an electrical engineering technician who concentrates on designing computers. In addition, training programs feature laboratory courses in which you practice creating electrical diagrams and drafting product design reports.

Getting hands-on industry experience is important when striving to develop electrical engineering solutions. Internship opportunities are available at sites such as those of companies that manufacture electronic conductors, electromedical product manufacturers, and electrical engineering firms. While completing an internship, you should practice altering product prototypes according to the electrical device user’s needs if you want to become an electrical engineering technician. Honing your teamwork skills is also an essential part of an industry internship experience.

A person who wants to advance in the engineering field should strive to earn a higher degree as well. You can complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, as some courses from your associate degree program might transfer to your bachelor’s degree program. Four-year degree programs make job seekers more attractive to employers and cover electrical engineering topics such as the conversion of electrical energy and circuit analysis in a more in-depth manner than do two-year electrical engineering technology programs.

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