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How Do I Become an Assistant Educational Psychologist?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

The process necessary to become an assistant educational psychologist depends a great deal on where you wish to work and the amount of training you already have. You are likely to need a bachelor's degree in either education or psychology and it may be necessary to have a graduate degree. To become an assistant educational psychologist at some schools or other institutions, however, there may be even higher requirements. An assistant position might be acquired while you are still working on a terminal degree in psychology, such as a doctorate, and can provide you with professional training while you finish your education.

Assistant educational psychologists typically work with established psychologists or under the guidance of a professional at a school or similar establishment. This position usually requires that someone have a bachelor's degree or similar level of education. While several fields may be appropriate for this type of work, a degree in either education or psychology is quite common, though additional education may be required. You can receive this sort of degree from many different colleges and universities, and it usually requires about four years of study to complete.

Woman posing
Woman posing

To work as an assistant educational psychologist, you are likely to need education beyond undergraduate work, however, such as a master's degree or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). As you are completing your bachelor's degree, look for universities that offer a graduate program in educational or developmental psychology. You might find schools that award you with a master's degree, which you can then use toward your PhD, while other programs offer only a doctoral program and award you with a master's degree along the way. In either type of curriculum, expect to perform a great deal of research and writing as you delve deeper into the study of educational and developmental psychology.

As you are finishing your graduate work, usually in a PhD, you may be able to find a number of opportunities to become an assistant educational psychologist. You may need to complete your education before you can begin working in this field, often under the guidance of an established professional. In these instances, your work as an assistant is typically completed to help you transition from a theoretical approach in school to the requirements of working with individuals in an educational environment. There may also be opportunities for you to find work as an assistant while you are still completing your PhD, and this may be a required component of your last year or two at some universities.

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