How Do I Become a Town Clerk?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
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To become a town clerk, you should first determine if you need to be elected, hired, or appointed to the position. While the educational and skills requirements to become a town clerk generally do not vary according to whether the position is elected or appointed, if you must be elected to the position, you will have to comply with the electoral process in your area. You may need to demonstrate significant community involvement before you can be considered for the position if it is an appointed one in your area. If the role of town clerk is treated like any other municipal job, you may have to comply with a hiring process similar to that of most other types of jobs, including the completion of a job application as well as a series of job interviews.

Begin your efforts to become town clerk by investigating the ordinances pertaining to town officials in your area. City Hall should have a copy of these ordinances, and you may even be able to find them online. If you must be elected to the position, you may wish to contact a local political party to find out if they plan to put up a candidate for the position in the next election. You would typically want to work with a party in your area in order to develop your campaign for the office.

If the position of town clerk is not an elected office, you should contact City Hall and find out what the process is for being hired or appointed. In most cases, it is to your advantage to be well known to your town's mayor and members of the town council, as the position of town clerk is typically one of significant responsibility. A mayor or council is more likely to hire a trusted individual to the position.

The educational and experience requirements to become a town clerk may vary by location. Typically, a person in this position has extensive administrative responsibilities, which means that you should have a background in administration and office management. You may also need to have training or experience in bookkeeping as well as customer service experience, as you will be dealing with the public on a regular basis. Although you may not be required to have a college degree, it is usually expected that you will have a high school diploma. Certification or education in business administration, communications, or office technology can also be a significant plus if you are working as a town clerk.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing