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How Do I Become a Technical Product Specialist?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

Technical product specialists are individuals who are responsible for overseeing the full life cycles of certain products. For example, technical product specialists in the software industry might be responsible for helping programmers and designers begin projects, overseeing promotion, issuing press releases and releasing software products into the market. These professionals must have strong understandings of the technical aspects of their respective industries, and they must be able to work in teams, manage employees and communicate with members of the public. To become a technical product specialist, it is essential that you earn a degree in a field related to your industry of choice while also developing leadership and strategic planning skills. A person who wants to become a technical product specialist needs years of experience in his or her industry, participating in as many stages of product development processes as possible.

An individual who wants to become a technical product specialist should have an idea about the industry in which he or she would like to practice while working toward an undergraduate college degree. A person who is interested in developing food products, for instance, might work toward a degree in nutrition or dietetics. Most technical product specialist positions require professionals to have strong theoretical understandings of processes and the ability to apply principles to real-world processes. For this reason, a person who wants to become a technical product specialist certainly can benefit from earning a graduate degree, so that he or she has a deep understanding of different methods and perspectives within an industry. Earning a graduate degree also can make you more appealing to employers and provide you with excellent job references.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

A person who would like to become a technical product specialist should be recognized as an expert in his or her field. Having years of experience successfully developing products at different stages is essential, but it is important to prove that you have a unique and informed perspective. Many people who work in these positions are leaders who influence others in their field by publishing articles and presenting papers. They might champion certain production management styles and work as consultants.

When a person who wants to become a technical product specialist is composing his or her résumé, it can be tempting to focus primarily on technical expertise and experience. It also is important, however, to focus on your abilities to lead and delegate as well as to communicate with people who might not have high technical vocabularies or understandings of complex concepts. Marketing and public relations often are important parts of product development.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip