How Do I Become a Technical Assistant?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

A technical assistant is an individual who provides support for technology professionals. He or she might gather information necessary for making decisions related to technological development, communicate plans with clients and managers, and perform duties, such as answering phones or opening mail, particularly from technology users. Any industry with need for computer networks or technical equipment has need for technical assistants. To become a technical assistant, you should identify the kind of field you would like to work in. The work of a technical assistant in the software design industry is much different from that of an assistant in the manufacturing industry.

To become a technical assistant, you also have to consider the needs of individual organizations or professionals. For instance, one technical specialist might require an assistant with little to no formal academic training. He or she might only want a technical assistant who can answer emails and take dictation. Another kind of technical professional might require an individual who is able to draft plans or to participate in the programming of computer programs. To become a technical assistant in this context, you might need a graduate degree in a particular field, such as computer engineering.

As a general rule, to become a technical assistant, it is not necessary to have significant experience in any particular field. More often than not, individuals in these roles are just getting started. In many cases they are interns who study in undergraduate or postgraduate programs. In these cases, technical assistants might earn college credit instead of earning pay.

It often is necessary to go through interviews to become a technical assistant. This means that you should be prepared to discuss the experiences and skills that make you a good candidate for a position. Your answers to interview questions should be crafted to meet the needs of each particular employer, so you should learn about the companies before interviewing and think about specific ways in which your background can align to their programs.

Students who are interested in becoming technical assistants for college credit might still have to interview. While these experiences can be far less intimidating than regular job interviews, it is important to appear knowledgeable and to dress professionally. If you want to become a technical assistant in a particular field because you aim to become a professional in this field, you should let an interviewer know about your interests and curiosity. If he or she understands that you look forward to learning new skills, he or she might be more willing to engage you in instructive processes.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip