How Do I Become a Steel Supervisor?

Jennifer Leigh

Become a steel supervisor through a combination of education, training and experience. Supervisors generally need to have worked in the field for some time in order to have the appropriate knowledge needed for this position. Steel supervisors watch over a particular area of the production process depending on their expertise, so certain skills and personality traits are needed to perform this task adequately. In order to become a steel supervisor, it is necessary to understand the functions of the particular area being supervised as well as the steel industry as a whole.

Steel supervisors must have a background of working in the field.
Steel supervisors must have a background of working in the field.

Education is a necessary component needed to become a steel supervisor. A high school diploma is crucial, and most organizations will not hire someone for a supervisory role without having at least an associate's or bachelor's degree. Associate's degrees are offered in the area of steel management and offer classes in construction, mathematics and mechanics. Obtaining a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, construction or mathematics provides a higher chance of getting a job as a supervisor. Higher degrees such as master's and doctoral degrees are required for supervisory positions in certain companies.

A steel supervisor might oversee construction projects.
A steel supervisor might oversee construction projects.

Training occurs by working as a steel worker in the area that the individual wishes to one day supervise. This provides first-hand knowledge regarding how things work in the organization as well as training on equipment and processes. Individuals can become a steel supervisor by obtaining an entry-level job in a steel production plant to further their knowledge and skills. Aside from training, this provides the experience needed to be capable of supervising others doing similar jobs at a future date.

It is important for individuals to work on certain skills and personality traits that are necessary to become a steel supervisor. Leaderships skills, good communication and assertiveness top the list in importance. The ability to make decisions quickly and to evaluate various situations accurately are also important skills needed by supervisors. Knowledge of budgets, equipment and quality control helps an individual gain an edge when attempting to become a steel supervisor.

Learning about the steel industry and understanding the various components of it are also important. This means being able to look at the organization as a whole and understanding how each department affects the others. Critical thinking and the ability to conceptualize are advanced qualities that are sought in steel supervisors. These skills are gained through education, on-the-job experience and the natural ability to look at things holistically.

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