How Do I Become a Staffing Coordinator?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
A staffing coordinator might be responsible for developing job applications.
A staffing coordinator might be responsible for developing job applications.

To become a staffing coordinator, it can be helpful to earn an undergraduate degree in a discipline such as management. In some instances, earning a graduate degree in business administration can also be a valuable asset for individuals interested in working as staffing coordinators. Many aspiring staffing coordinators take internships with employment agencies, since these can provide good experience. It may also be essential to compose a resume and cover letter to distribute to potential employers.

A staffing coordinator is a professional who matches individuals with job positions. These professionals often work for employment or staffing agencies that assign employees to positions at client businesses. For example, an employment agency staffing coordinator may set up an individual who has data entry experience in a position as a secretary. Many staffing coordinators work for human resource departments that may be responsible for duties such as job recruiting.

An individual who would like to become a staffing coordinator normally must have a college degree. While there is no particular area of study that aspiring staffing coordinators must pursue, a discipline such as management can provide valuable knowledge. Subjects such as psychology or counseling can also be helpful for an aspiring staffing professional.

Some graduate business programs offer concentrations in human resources administration. To become a staffing coordinator, this kind of degree program can be valuable. Not only might it enable you to learn about common practices and principles of staff recruiting, but many programs offer students internship opportunities. Many interns find that their first paid positions in the staffing field are with companies at which they studied.

Many professionals believe that graduate programs also act as wonderful networking opportunities. Professors may later write letters of reference for students that can help them earn staffing coordinator positions. Classmates can also function as leads. Some programs bring job recruiters on campus to meet aspiring professionals.

In most cases, it is necessary to write a cover letter and resume to become a staffing coordinator. A cover letter should serve as a potential employer's initial introduction to your skills and interests in a position. It should also include basic contact information, such as your address, phone number, and email address. This document often is generally limited to one page in length.

A resume is a more in-depth listing of your educational and professional experience. You can list internships and entry level positions related to the career of staffing coordinator at the top of a resume to highlight this experience. A resume also can include your awards and publications.

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    • A staffing coordinator might be responsible for developing job applications.
      By: Brian Jackson
      A staffing coordinator might be responsible for developing job applications.