How Do I Become a Server Technician?

Jennifer Leigh

Attend a post-secondary institution, gain experience in the field, and apply for jobs to become a server technician. A bachelor's degree in computer science, at the minimum, is required by most employers to be hired at the position. Jobs are available anywhere computers are used, which is at most organizations in the public and private sectors. Become a server technician by having an interest in technology, paying attention to details, and being able to think critically.

One way to gain experience in the server technician field is to work at an entry-level job as an equipment technician.
One way to gain experience in the server technician field is to work at an entry-level job as an equipment technician.

Most individuals hired to do the job of server technician have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field, such as computer engineering or mathematics. In order to obtain a bachelor's degree, you must have a high school diploma before applying to be admitted into a program. During your computer science undergraduate degree, you will take classes in hardware, software, science, and mathematics. An internship is sometimes required as an aspect of the program, which provides valuable experience working in the field. If your program does not require an internship, you should consider looking for one anyway, as you need to have some experience to become a server technician.

Another way to gain experience in the field is to work at an entry-level job as an equipment technician before applying to positions to become a server technician. In addition, a master's degree in computer science would provide you with a greater breadth of experience and give you an edge over applicants without an advanced degree. It might also enable you to be promoted within your organization more quickly after you are hired, or lead to supervisory experiences.

After you have finished your education and spent some time working in the field, you should begin applying to positions as a server technician. You can locate available jobs by talking with the advisor at your school, reading job boards through professional computer associations, and directly contacting companies. Make sure that you have an updated copy of your resume and a cover letter ready to give prospective employers.

Personal characteristics that will help you succeed and become a server technician include having good communication skills and being capable of paying attention to small details. You will be responsible for solving server-related problems, so an ability to think critically and anticipate problems is helpful. A good grasp on technology and a willingness to stay up-to-date with the newest products and trends shows a prospective employer that you would be an asset within the organization.

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