How do I Become a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Haven Esme

Becoming a rhinoplasty surgeon can be a rewarding and lucrative career. A rhinoplasty surgeon is a doctor that performs cosmetic procedures pertaining to the nose. The surgeries are often called “nose jobs.” Someone with a desire to become a rhinoplasty surgeon will need to head to medical school, get enrolled in a plastic surgery residency, and then get certified before starting their career.

A rhinoplasty surgeon performs cosmetic procedures.
A rhinoplasty surgeon performs cosmetic procedures.

An individual who is just starting out and hasn't completed a bachelors degree can search for a great college that will allow them to take courses that are aimed at transferring to medical school. Going to medical school is the most essential step needed to become a rhinoplasty surgeon. Before medical school, a person is required to pass an examination called the MCAT. Preparing for the MCAT requires an individual to study medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology.

A rhinoplasty surgeon is a doctor that operates on a person’s nose.
A rhinoplasty surgeon is a doctor that operates on a person’s nose.

There are two separate options that a person can take to become a rhinoplasty surgeon. The first option is three years of general surgical residency plus three years of plastic surgery residency. The second alternative is a six or seven year residency that would include all of the person's surgical training. The right medical school and training will successfully help a person become a rhinoplasty surgeon. Each country has their own set of different plastic surgery training programs that allows a person to become an expert in their particular field.

In the beginning, rhinoplasty surgery was performed as a form of reconstructive surgery. People who had their noses damaged as a result of facial trauma or disease were often helped with regaining a more aesthetically pleasing nose by having rhinoplasty surgery. After World War II, rhinoplasty surgery evolved into a cosmetic procedure that allowed surgeons to reshape the nose of the wealthy. Unfortunately, during this time the noses were often reshaped to be so tiny that they no longer fit the face properly.

Each year, millions of people seek a rhinoplasty surgeon to have an operation on their nose to ensure it is a perfect fit for their face. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, millions of rhinoplasty surgeries are performed across the world each year. The goal of a rhinoplasty surgeon is to create perfect symmetry in the face and reshape the nose so that it has good balance. Rhinoplasty surgeons have the reward of helping people improve their appearance.

The journey to become a rhinoplasty surgeon is a long process that takes years of education and experience, and it is one the highest paid surgical specialities. Plastic surgery is greatly rewarding for those who understand that changing someone's face can also change their lives. The nose is the focal point of the face and is therefore a defining characteristic of one's appearance. It is also important that future rhinoplasty surgeons know that rhinoplasty must frequentlly be redone or corrected. Getting the nose just right for a patient is one of the most challenging procedures for a plastic surgeon to perform.

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