How Do I Become a Regional Director?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
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Regional directors are middle level managers who are responsible for overseeing all operations within a certain area, such as in a state, city, or part of a country. To become a regional director, it often is a good idea to earn an undergraduate degree in a field of business, such as management, though some employers might value experience over formal academic training. A person who wants to become a regional director should concentrate on getting as much experience as possible in a specific company, or at least in a certain industry. It can also be helpful for a person who wants to become a regional director to become familiar with markets in a region in which he or she would like to work by learning the spending habits and preferences of key demographics.

For the most part, regional directors are considered to be middle management. This means that they oversee the performances of facility or store managers, though they answer to company managers at higher levels. Professionals who become regional directors tend to have a strong understanding of company policy and practice and are proficient at using a company's regular technology, such as telecommunication systems and any other devices that are integral parts of a company's daily operations.

To become a regional director, it almost always is essential to have developed strong leadership and management skills. This means that even if you do not earn an undergraduate degree in business, you should take some management courses. It often is possible to audit classes at local colleges. When students audit classes, they engage in courses without receiving academic credit that normally would be applied toward a degree. Not only can this move provide you with valuable skills, but it can also prove to employers that you are dedicated to your work and ambitious enough to pursue an education. It is also common for employers to offer management training to their employees when they feel that they are ready for promotions.

More important than academic preparation, however, is experience. A person who wants to become a regional director should get as much experience as possible in a field in which he or she is interested. This sometimes means being willing to start out in entry level positions so that you can learn how an industry operates at its base. As a matter of fact, many people who successfully become regional directors have experience performing hands-on operations in a number of different departments or facets of a business.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing