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How Do I Become a Premier Banker?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella

A premier banker is a sales employee of bank or financial institution who is tasked with cross-selling products and services to existing clients as well as marketing products to prospects. Precise job requirements vary between institutions but typically, anyone wishing to become a premier banker must first gain some sales or banking experience in a more junior role. Additionally, bankers tasked with selling certain products may need to have completed a college degree program and a regulatory certification process.

Most financial institutions offer a variety of lending, deposit and investment products. People with varying levels of expertise and seniority are able to sell some of these products but premier bankers are typically senior bank employees who are often responsible for dealing with high net worth consumer and business clients. Consequently, anyone wishing to become a premier banker may have to gain some industry relevant experience while working as a teller or customer service associate. Over the course of time, these individuals may attend a series of training sessions during which they learn about increasingly complex products and sales techniques. Eventually, seasoned bankers who have achieved good sales results are able to apply for premier banker roles.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Aside from banks, other financial firms including brokerage houses and insurance companies sell securities, lending products and even some deposit accounts. Therefore, rather than starting in a junior banking role, someone wishing to become a premier banker may benefit from working as an agent or broker at one of these other financial firms before transitioning into banking. Typically, people who work as insurance agents or brokers must first attend a series of licensing classes that culminate in an examination. In many instances, obtaining a securities or insurance license is one of the prerequisites of a premier banking job in which case many banks actively headhunt people who work in these industries.

Many loan products are complex and people who have a broad understanding of economics and finance can more easily explain mutual funds, annuities and other investment products to clients. Therefore, many institutions require anyone wishing to become a premier banker to have completed a college degree program in finance, accounting or mathematics. Aside from academic and professional credentials, people employed in these roles must have certain character attributes such as persistence as well as good interpersonal and organizational skills. Someone wishing to become a banker may benefit from enrolling in a vocational sales training course at a community college. In some markets, a premier banker may also need to have second language skills; in this case, completing a formal language training class may improve employment prospects.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing