How do I Become a Personal Stylist?

Sheri Cyprus

If you want to become a personal stylist, most of your education and training options may be self-directed. You should read fashion magazines and stay up to date on clothing, makeup and hair style trends. Completing courses in image consulting may be beneficial to your career. If you are patient and caring when dealing with others, yet are also prepared to deal with how they may react to style change suggestions, you may have the needed skills to become a personal stylist.

Personal stylists educate their clients about fashion and help them select outfits for special occasions.
Personal stylists educate their clients about fashion and help them select outfits for special occasions.

Personal styling as a career choice is certainly possible, but it does take a great deal of perseverance. You’ll have to prove that you can create the best look for many different people. Before getting paid to do this, you will most likely need to create style makeovers on family members or friends and photograph the results. You can start to build a portfolio with their photographs. Take photos before your makeover as well as after.

Portfolios are necessary in creative careers. The quantity of pieces in your portfolio isn’t nearly as important as their quality. If you are determined to become a personal stylist, your work must show that you can style each person uniquely depending on their skin tone, body type and the image they want to present.

Personal stylists must listen to their clients’ preferences and combine these with fashionable choices that flatter each individual. A personal stylist must understand which looks are appropriate for their clients’ lifestyles. If you want to become a personal stylist, you should feel confident in selecting the best looks for many different kinds of people. A 50-year-old bank manager is going to require a different look than a 28-year-old graphic artist. Yet, you must also take their personalities into consideration when designing their unique looks.

A degree in fashion may be helpful for aspiring personal stylists. The career is competitive, yet it’s also entrepreneurial for the most part. If you want to become a personal stylist, it’s important to realize that you’ll have to run a business as well as do the creative work. You may be able to get help planning your personal styling company from a government small business development organization in your area or state.

Personal stylists may also work in trendy stores helping clients choose clothing items that are flattering; they may assist them in piecing together separates into attractive outfits. Store managers may be interested in hiring a personal stylist; if the client likes his or her new look, it results in sales for the clothing shop. Once wardrobe pieces are chosen, a personal stylist often helps the client with hair and makeup selections as well as advice in areas such as home décor, communication skills and etiquette.

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