How Do I Become a Nursing Home Inspector?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
An elderly lady in a nursing home.
An elderly lady in a nursing home.

The qualifications to become a nursing home inspector vary depending on the requirements of the jurisdiction where you plan to inspect. A bachelor's degree and specialized training in nursing home inspection is helpful to get hired at a position. Some positions require specific qualifications regarding education and training, for example, some nursing home inspectors are dieticians who examine the food that residents eat at a facility. To become a nursing home inspector, you need to find out these specific requirements, fulfill them, and then apply for jobs.

A bachelor's degree is helpful to become a nursing home inspector. It is possible to enter into the field with a degree in social work, building inspection, or a nutrition major. Other majors are also accepted in certain circumstances if on-the-job training or certifications are offered or obtained. A graduate degree can help your chances of being hired, as well as being promoted within an organization more quickly.

There is not one specific path to become a nursing home inspector because the requirements vary in different jurisdictions throughout the world. In the U.S., individual state governments determine the qualifications and need for nursing home inspectors. Therefore, to fully understand what it takes to become a nursing home inspector in your area, you need to take the initiative to speak with your local government.

Once you find out specifically what requirements or qualifications are needed in your area, you can begin working towards meeting these goals. Obtaining education, prior experience, or specific training can help provide you with the information and skills that you need to apply for jobs within an organization. Many positions offer on-the-job training once you are hired to show you exactly what you need to inspect in each individual nursing home. Having a keen eye for details and a self-motivated approach are personality characteristics that will aid you on your path to become a nursing home inspector.

The last step to become a nursing home inspector is to apply for positions. Make sure that your resume is updated with your most current education and work experience, and have someone else read over it to avoid making mistakes. Jobs can be found through private organizations, the government, and through nursing home associations. Present yourself in a professional manner when applying for jobs, and make sure that you have references ready from past employers in case they are requested during an interview.

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@gravois - I completely agree. My grandmother was actually living in a nursing home that got shut down by inspectors. They found several instances of severe abuse and neglect.

Luckily my grandmother was not a victim. She is now in a facility that she likes a lot better and which continually passes inspections.


I wish that we had more nursing home inspectors. It is shocking and sad the conditions that some of the elderly are forced to live in. They have to face unsanitary living conditions, overworked and negligent staff and insufficient medical attention. If we had more trained and dedicated inspectors to identify problems like these our nation's elderly could live out their golden years with the peace that they deserve.

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    • An elderly lady in a nursing home.
      An elderly lady in a nursing home.