How Do I Become a News Presenter?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White
A news presenter, or anchor, may work on radio.
A news presenter, or anchor, may work on radio.

In order to become a news presenter, most people begin a career as a news anchorperson or as a reporter. No matter what kind of news presenter you choose to become, most employers will prefer for you to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you should also have certain skills and personality traits. Taking on volunteer work and internships can also be beneficial when wanting to become a news presenter and you will quickly find that both are abundantly available.

The first step to take when wanting to become a news presenter is identifying what educational requirements need to be met. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism will most likely meet the educational standards set by most employers. Through this type of college program, you will learn how to develop your voice into a news presenting style, edit and report news segments, and about the legal aspects accompanied with presenting news to the public. Some employers will prefer for your education to be even further enhanced, possibly requesting for you to complete a graduate degree in broadcasting or communications.

Mastering your writing skills is essential when wanting to become a news presenter. You may be required to write your own scripts, so allotting time for this and being adept with a computer's word processing program is necessary. In addition, you should feel very comfortable in front of a camera, and, if you choose to become a reporter, your ability to investigate leads should be top-notch. As a reporter, interview skills and a willingness to travel are also crucial. No matter what type of news presenter you become, you should have a willingness to learn a wide variety of topics, as your job will change from day to day.

Volunteer work and internships are excellent opportunities that you should look for and take advantage of when working to becoming a news presenter. Even obtaining internships within emergency rooms or at the scene of a natural disaster can help you develop the terminology and tenacity that it takes to become a successful news presenter. It is through the volunteer work and internships that you can fully see how the news presenting industry operates, which can help you to demonstrate grace both on- and off-camera when stressful and high-pressure situations occur.

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    • A news presenter, or anchor, may work on radio.
      A news presenter, or anchor, may work on radio.