How do I Become a Multimedia Designer?

Vicki Hogue-Davies
Vicki Hogue-Davies
Multimedia designers often have degrees in graphic design.
Multimedia designers often have degrees in graphic design.

A multimedia designer is someone who combines several different media, such as video, text, audio and photography, into communication projects. To become a multimedia designer, you'll need strong creative and artistic skills combined with computer proficiency. A four-year degree often is required to find employment in the field, and some employers prefer job candidates with master's degrees. Multimedia designers often have degrees in multimedia design, graphic design, fine arts and other related areas from colleges, universities and private art and design schools.

You can begin pursuing your goal to become a multimedia designer even before entering college. In high school, take art classes to learn about drawing, illustration and how to use color effectively. Take any computer graphic design and web design classes that are offered.

Learn the popular software programs that are used for multimedia design. Some examples are Adobe® Dreamweaver®, Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator®. Remember that to become a multimedia designer and to be successful, you will always have to stay up to date on the latest computer software used in the field.

After you are in college, consider what area of industry you would like to enter. Multimedia designers work in film and television, for video game companies, at advertising agencies and in creative departments for a variety of companies. If you know generally what industry you would like to work in, you can look for internship opportunities in the industry while you are in college. Performing an internship will help you learn the intricacies of the job, will provide an opportunity for you to decide if the job and industry are right for you and can lead to making contacts for future employment. As you get close to graduation, put together a portfolio of your work to show to prospective employers.

Some multimedia designers choose to freelance, which means that they work for themselves. The upside to this choice is that you control your own time and get to work for a variety of companies on a wide variety of projects. The downside can be that you have to spend a fair amount of time marketing yourself to find work, and a steady paycheck isn't guaranteed. It might be wise to have a few years working for an employer under your belt to gain experience, compile a selection of work samples and save money before going solo.

One characteristic that will help you when you become a multimedia designer is being able to handle pressure well. Multimedia designers must adhere to deadlines and might have to work long hours to complete projects on time. Good people skills to work in team environments for organizations or to work with clients if you are a freelancer will help you in this career.

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    • Multimedia designers often have degrees in graphic design.
      By: vukas
      Multimedia designers often have degrees in graphic design.