How Do I Become a Mortgage Insurance Broker?

D. Nelson

Mortgage insurance can describe a kind of insurance policy that is taken out by an aspiring homeowner who needs a mortgage loan to purchase real estate. The insurance compensates the lender if the borrower is unable to pay back a mortgage at any time. In some cases, mortgage insurance may also refer to a life insurance plan that decreases over time. A mortgage insurance broker is a professional who sells these insurance policies. To become a mortgage insurance broker, it can first be helpful to learn which credentials you need to legally practice in your area.

In many jurisdications, people must first obtain special certifications to become a mortgage insurance broker.
In many jurisdications, people must first obtain special certifications to become a mortgage insurance broker.

In many regions, an individual must earn the proper certification to become a mortgage insurance broker. When this is the case, the person should first take the necessary courses that can prepare him or her for passing the exam. Courses and exams required to earn certification can often be costly and require a lot of preparation. For this reason, it can be helpful to have savings built up before pursuing this career path.

An academic degree is not normally required for an individual who wants to become a mortgage insurance broker. Certain employers may prefer workers who have experience in sales. A broker is a sales position, so charisma and the ability to gain the trust of others can be helpful in this line of work.

Many local governments require a specific kind of insurance for any professional who would like to become a mortgage insurance broker. This insurance is purchased to protect a broker from liability, should he or she be held responsible for misinformation or other mistakes that occurred during an insurance sale. While this insurance may not always be a legal requirement, many experts believe that it is a good precaution to take.

Some mortgage insurance brokers work for firms while others may choose to operate independently. If you choose to work for a firm, it might be necessary to compose a resume that lists your job and educational experience. You may also be required to go through an interview process. Many experts believe that an interview can be the most important part of a sales related hiring process since the interview can be seen as your opportunity to sell yourself.

If you plan on operating independently, your first step should be to contact a number of insurance companies and inform them that you would like to sell their insurance. The companies normally send information and a form for brokers to fill out. If you live in an area that requires mortgage insurance brokers to have certain credentials, you may be asked to send copies of certificates and paperwork.

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