How Do I Become a Mobile Therapist?

Jeremy Laukkonen

To become a mobile therapist, you will typically need to have a master's degree in psychology or social work, appropriate certifications, and some type of relevant experience. Since mobile therapists often travel to schools and homes of children to provide onsite counseling in a familiar environment, many employers will require that you have previous experience working with young people. This can be obtained through internships during your schooling or in a regular counseling setting after you graduate. After you become a mobile therapist, you will typically work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.

A mobile therapist is able to observe how an individual interacts with her or his environment.
A mobile therapist is able to observe how an individual interacts with her or his environment.

Mobile therapists travel to various location in order to provide counseling and therapy services in circumstances that are familiar and comfortable to patients. Since children are often more comfortable and relaxed in familiar environments, they are often more receptive to mobile therapy than counseling that is offered in more traditional settings. When you become a mobile therapist, you may travel to schools to provide grief counseling or private homes to offer therapy on an individual basis. It is important that your education and work experience are both geared towards working efficiently in these types of settings.

The first step to become a mobile therapist is to obtain a four year bachelor's degree. You may begin to work in a clinical setting at that point, though additional schooling is typically required to become a mobile therapist. A master's degree in social work or psychology is typically needed, though the exact requirements vary depending on the particular location and employer.

In many cases, you will need to obtain specific work experience in addition to a master's degree. If a mobile therapy practice deals with children, you will usually need to have prior experience working with young people before that particular employer will consider hiring you. Clinical experience with children can be obtained through internships while still in school, though you can also work in a variety of different settings before seeking employment as a mobile therapist.

Licensed psychologists can act as mobile therapists as well, though they often perform a supervisory role. As a mobile therapist, you will typically undergo close supervision by a licensed psychologist. If you wish to become become a licensed psychologist, you typically need to obtain another advanced degree, such as a doctorate of psychology. This can allow you to provide mobile therapy services in addition to supervising the counseling provided by others.

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